Your search for talent ends here.

In the modern age, where employment is affected by numerous socio-economic factors, getting the right workforce in place can be a herculean task and we are here to take up just that! We shake hands with you as your executive recruitment partner and help restructure your organization’s human resource and human capital so that the final optics speak only of solid talent, productivity and unparalleled growth.

With our 4S Formula, here’s how we bring things into motion.

What’s better than a workforce tailored to your needs? Probably nothing.

After we have gathered clear specifications from your organization, we initiate the search both offline and online, that means the search for the right candidate via our online systems runs alongside looking into our existing, reliable, widespread network connections we have maintained since our inception, that’s over two decades! Thus the right match cannot stay elusive for too long.

For every position that we are requested to fill, we begin diligently with a preliminary scrutiny of candidates’ pool, a pool that we derive from our existing database plus the daily, fresh intakes of job-seekers.

We screen each profile on basis of:-
Stability – How long did the candidate serve in their past jobs and how well did they hold their position?
Experience – How lengthy and wide has been their experience?
Relevance – How close is the profile to the profile requested to us?
Skills – Proficiency of the skills mentioned in the candidates’ resume.

After these 5-round checks, we funnel these profiles for an interview line-up.

As the candidates are put into the interview current, we trace their paths as they cross one interview round to another via robust follow up from the HR team. This reduces immense workload on the HR team and keeps the flow of the hiring process, a smooth sailing experience.

After the organization has found its right fit for a candidate, we help fill the position successfully with any remaining formalities and take monthly feedback on candidate(s) performance. Post employment of every unit of human resource supplied by us, we follow up with feedback and offer replacements of the candidates with whom it didn’t pan out as planned, so as to replenish the workforce and keep the progress unhindered.